October 21, 2005

Let Windows feel different…

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Windows Vista PackDo you wait release of Windows Vista? If so, while waiting it, start feeling it. Here you can download an Windows Vista theme for your XP. Isn’t it cool?

You get full shell pack! System icons, explorer’s toolbar skin and very usefull desktop dock. Plus some visual effects, like additional shadow of windows and the one (which I most like) is when starting a software or opening some document via explorer/desktop it’s icon will bounce very nicely. I was surprised when saw that. And smile immediately apeared on my face! 🙂

Have fun during working on you pc.

October 19, 2005

A new project

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Theese days I’m pretty busy with my projects, but new, very impotant and long waiting project has come. It’s about Fantastika (currently will open their old site). I’ve got chance to make a system for that great Bulgarian community. So I won’t appear online so often, but will sit on my *** and will work 😛 Meanwhile if there’s appear any interesting news I’ll note them here. Also will get some posts from “archives” (which in fact was in my head while i was waiting for own blog :P)

October 18, 2005

Mae govannen!

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Nice to meet you friends! Finnaly, thanks to Elvish Gods I’ve got my account in wordpress.com (thanks them too!). It’s pretty late here and I’m have to get some sleep. Will try post something tommorow. I hope you’ll find interesting as elvish as non-elvish things in this blog.