About me

Well, let’s write something about me…

I’m from Bulgaria. Visibly not looking like elf .. but mentaly – truly I am. 😀 LOL. You’ll think I’m mad? Nope. In fact that’s “almost” joke… anyway I am very interested in that mythology creatures and mostly in fantasy literature. Like Tolkin in example. He created Elvish language and there’s a lot of peoples who are interested in learning it. It’s kind of hobby.

So what other about me. Well – student. That’s describing me a lot. I like web developement and design. Currently very dedicated to PHP and MySQL. I’m working over two very important projects right now. And that’s why I have not much time to blog here. But when do – it helps me rest.

Maybe soon I’ll releave some info about that projects. But now isn’t right moment.

Okay, I’ll stop for now. If I’ve got something in my mind, will write it up.
Have fun with surfing around!

Cuio vae!

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